Monday, December 19, 2011

Courtney's Natural Journey

Hello Root of the Natural subscribers!  Today I would like to introduce to you my little sister Courtney K.   Courtney just got her Big Chop done on Friday, December 16th and has graciously agreed to share with us her experience.  Thanks Courtney for joining us!

ROTN:  So Courtney, what made you decide to stop perming your hair and begin your transition?

Courtney:  Mostly, I hated the smell of relaxers…  HATED it!  I felt like I smelled like rotten eggs for days afterwards!  Also, my hair looked so flat and lifeless for the first few weeks after a relaxer.  I also started to hate the idea of putting so many chemicals in my hair.   I knew it wasn’t healthy, because I had so many broken hairs around the edges.  Relaxing my hair just didn’t feel right to me anymore. 

ROTN:  How long did you transition and why did you decide to go to the next level and do your Big Chop (BC)?

Courtney:   I transitioned for about a year.  While the relaxer was growing out, I would get my hair blow dried and flat ironed and I knew that I wasn’t doing myself any favors with all that heat.  My hair would be straight for a couple of days, but by the end of the week the two different textures would come through and I looked ridiculous.  I didn’t want to keep dishing out my money to get it done when the style wouldn’t even last through the week. Cutting the relaxed ends off seemed like the best decision for me.

ROTN:  What did you do to prepare for your BC?

Courtney:  I did a lot of research and used my big sis as a sounding board.  I would spend hours on YouTube and hair blogs learning about products and asking questions.  I wanted to make sure that I had a good variety of products beforehand so I wasn’t scrambling after my cut.   I made sure I had a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, styling gels, wide-tooth comb, boar bristle brush, pomade, oils, moisturizers, plenty of plastic and satin caps, and of course headbands.  

ROTN:  How did you feel on the day of your BC?  What was going through your mind?

Courtney:  I was extremely excited and not scared at all.  I was so ready…I just wanted to get it over with.  I had all my products lined up for weeks and I  wanted to start using them!  Although my hair had never been cut above chin length, I wasn’t worried about having short hair.  If I didn’t like it, I knew it would grow back eventually.  

ROTN:  What were your thoughts after seeing your BC? How did you feel?

Courtney:  I fell in love!  I was no longer hiding behind my hair.  It think it really brought out my facial features and made me look more mature…I felt fancy! Ha-ha!  It literally felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders because my head has never felt so light.  I love being able to see my natural curls...this is the real me. 

ROTN:  What were the reactions of your family and friends?  How did their reactions make you feel?

Courtney:  Half of my family loved it, and the other half hated it.  I think those that hated it were so used to seeing my hair straight.  They didn’t even like it when I would cut my relaxed hair.  Long and straight is their ideal.   It’s a big change, and it’s a lot for some people to get used to. (That’s their problem though). 

ROTN: What advice would you like to share with someone who is transitioning and thinking about doing a BC?

Courtney:  Take your time and educate yourself on hair.  If you can, talk to someone who’s done it before.   I think being able to talk to Rachel about it made things much easier for me.  Also, there's a ton of information available online.  I would say, take all of the advice with a grain of salt.  No one’s hair is the same, and just because something did or didn’t work for one person, doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results.   Most importantly be honest with yourself and love yourself.   You’ll get a lot of opinions, but the only one that matters is your own. 

ROTN:  Thus far, what is your favorite product?  What products are on your radar?

Courtney:  I’ve been sticking with a wash and go style, and I love Kinky Curly.  I can’t wait to try the wash and go using Bee Mine.  I’ve heard great things about it.

Courtney, I really want to say thanks for taking this time to share with the Root of the Natural audience your Big Chop experience.   Your hair is beautiful and I’m glad you decided to begin your natural hair journey.  You know I’ll be following you on your journey and will continue to document your milestones.  

       2 weeks before BC                                Courtney's hair 12/19/11

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