Friday, June 22, 2012

The Latest....

Hi Everyone!  I'm sure you are wondering where I've been.  The answer is nowhere.  But, I've been embarking on another one of my passions.  Makeup!  What better way to set off your look then by putting on a great face.  On Sunday, June 10th I was given an opportunity to participate in a photo shoot for the CinciNatural Hair Group and their upcoming magazine.  This was an awesome experience.  The photographer is Gregory Cooper Spencer of Cooper Spencer Images.  It was great to be able to bring two loves together....natural hair and makeup artistry.  I had the opportunity to meet so many nice people with great talents.  I want to shout out Lee, Katrelle TravelingStylist, Alex Spencer, Tequana LastraintuParis Colvin, Shtequina Q Ray, Iam NJ, Michael True Aquarius Jackson, Theron Washington, Jessica Boonz, April & Angel! I enjoyed being in "The Place" with you all.  Also I want to thank Trever Thomas for recommending me for this job. For posts to come, I plan to continue sharing my makeup artistry and hair experiences with you. Below are a couple of behind the scenes pics from the shoot.

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  1. I approve of this message, :). This sounds like it was a wonderful experience. Bravo woman, keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks MrRLW! Be on the lookout or your debut on my blog. I really appreciate all of your help.