Friday, March 9, 2012

Today's Hair via Hair Rules

Happy Friday!  I thought I would write this quick post to show you my hair after using the Hair Rules line.  Yes, the whole line : Daily Cleansing Cream, Quench Conditioner, Nourishment Leave In Conditioner, Kinky Curling Cream, and Hydrating Finishing Cream.  My first impression of these products is that this is something I can work with.  I am not going to give a review now because I need to use it a few more times.  I can say that my curls are defined, soft and have a little more volume. 

The big controversy regarding these products is that the Kinky Curling Cream has mineral oil as the second ingredient and the Hydrating Finishing Cream contains petroleum. I wasn't paying close attention when I purchased the products so now this is what I have to use.  The problem that can occur with using mineral oil and petroleum is dryness. Mineral oil and petroleum can seal in moisture but they also block moisture from penetrating the hair follicle and this in turn can lead to dryness. In trying to be proactive against the drying effects I mixed my coconut oil with the leave in conditioner during application.  My hope was that the coconut oil would impart as much moisture as possible prior to applying the Kinky Curling Cream.  

Today my hair is defined, VERY soft and it doesn't feel greasy.  I usually like my curls a bit crunchy but I am not adverse to a soft curl.  Also my hair does not feel dry and brittle...yet.  I am pleased with the volume.  I feel that this is the 4-5 day hair look  I get after using Kinky-Curly Curling Custard. The problem with my 4-5 days on KCCC is that my hair begins to feel dry.  I am not sure how many days I can get out of this hair. I will stick to my Sunday wash schedule this week so if my hair lasts until Sunday I will be satisfied.  

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