Monday, November 28, 2011

Have You Ever Said...

I LOVE MY HAIR! Yes....Since I've been natural I know I've talked about how much I love my hair on more than one occasion.  When I really think about it I don't think that I expressed that same love for my hair when I wore it relaxed. I liked the styles that my hair was in from time to time but I don't ever remember saying I loved my hair.  The love for my hair goes beyond a particular style.  I love my hair's natural state.  I decided to write this post because my mother and I were talking about an oil treatment we used on our hair and we were very unsatisfied with the results and how it made our hair feel.  Then, in the same breath, we expressed how much we loved our hair. As we talked we began listing the reasons why we loved our hair. So....wrote a list about it.... wanna hear? HERE IT GOES!

Why do you love your hair?
  • Versatility: My hair does pretty much what I want it to do.  Although I am still in that TWA stage I can still rock various looks (wash-n-go, finger coils, afro, frohawk, etc.).
  • Ease of styling:  I can experience what I call the instant hair-do.  When all else fails I can add a little water and my hair curls right up.  I love being able to have curls without chemicals or a curling iron.
  • The Feel:  I've developed the hand in hair syndrome.  My hair feels so thick and soft, and I enjoy pulling on my curls and watching them bounce back into place.
  • The Adventure:  Learning to take care of your natural hair is an adventurous experience.  I always hope to do what is best for my hair and I enjoy learning from other peoples experiences. I watch a lot of YouTube channels and read various blogs. Not everything I see and try works, but it was fun giving it a shot.
  • Added confidence:  When my hair was relaxed I seemed to have cared more about what people thought of my hair.  Now that I am natural I can honestly say I don't care what people think anymore. 
My Hair Today:

Finger coils

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  1. HI Rachel; This is my first time reading your blog. It is a GREAT read; I can feel your ENERGY and LOVE for your hair as I read it. Very proud of you! Keep Smiling! (Tiffany F.)

  2. Thanks Tiffany! I hope you become a follower and it is my goal to learn more and keep this blog up. I should be having a new post shortly.