Monday, November 7, 2011

A Quick Introduction...

It is always polite to introduce yourself so here I go...

I am Natural4Rachel and this is my very first post. (Audience:  Hi Natural4Rachel!....LOL.) Intro sound familiar? Ok, enough with that...

I have been wearing my hair natural for exactly 1 month and 8 days.  I did my Big Chop (BC) on September 30, 2011. I can say that this was the best decision I made for ME regarding MY hair. I absolutely LOVE MY HAIR and I am excited about this new "journey". When you follow the curl you never know which direction it is going to take you. There is no turning back for me. 

So why did I go natural you ask?  Well my story is really simple...I think part of it was born out of pure laziness and the other part was my mother saying, "Let's stop perming our hair."  My simple answer was okay and this turned out to be more of a challenge. It was a good challenge because I didn't feel a need to perm my hair. I just monitored my new growth and became more and more excited with what I was seeing.  I transitioned for 7 months and during this time I discovered the vast natural hair community via YouTube.  I've learned so much watching fellow naturals posting their vlogs, and I am still learning.  Watching these video helped fuel the fire and gave me the confidence to do my BC.  I was also tired of trying to maintain two different hair textures. did my BC and I'm not looking back. 

You see, every persons reason for going natural is different just like every persons hair is different. So like countless naturals have said and continue to say "what works for me may not work for you." With that said, the purpose of this blog is to share my natural hair experience with anyone who is interested.  As with my hair journey this blog, and maybe a little vlogging, is a new endeavor. I am by no means a natural hair expert nor am I trying to be. I just hope that what I post can inspire other naturals or soon to be naturals just like I was inspired by others. As a community you learn from each other.  If one little comment, picture, video, or even another persons comments help or inspire someone else, then this blog has served its purpose.

As for a particular format of this blog....I don't have one yet :)  Let's do this together and learn along the way. We will just follow the curl and see where it ends up.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my blog :)

Peace & Blessing...


Here are a few pics of my journey thus far:
Last perm  (Feb 2010)                     Day of Big Chop

Big Chop (Sept. 30, 2011)

1 Month Post Big Chop


  1. Very Nice transition. Love the new do!

  2. Congratulations to you lady. And the best of luck to you on this new added piece to your journey. Natural4Rachel, look at you trying to get your online identity on, lol. I see you. || fyi- this is Jai (completely unintentional rhyme, lol)

  3. Thanks Jai! I appreciate it. I am going to give my best effort to make this an interesting journey. Enjoy the ride!

  4. Rachel,
    Enjoy the Journey; you deserve it!
    Love, Tiffany F.

  5. Thanks Tiffany. It's exciting to me and I hope I can make it exciting for others as well.