Monday, November 21, 2011

You Are Not Limited...

As the second month post BC quickly approaches you would think that I'd get bored with rocking my TWA via wash-n-gos or finger coils.  Those who know me know that I like to switch up my look, so it may be a little surprising to find out that I am not in the least bored with my hair.  This is because I love to accessorize. know! add something to something else to make it more useful, attractive, or effective.  Any accessory is just the little touch needed to help spice up your hair and/or outfit.  I love adorning my hair with bejeweled clips, flowers, hats and headbands.  Now that winter is approaching it is time to pull out my slouchy hats and ear warmer headbands. 

Although accessories give you that little added touch it can be a big subtraction from your pockets.  Accessories are not cheap so to remedy this addition and subtraction problem I've decided to make my own accessories.  As I stated in a previous blog, I am the DIY kind of girl. Check out the winter accessorizes I made. Enjoy!

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Peace & Blessings...


Slouch Hat

Ear warmer headband

Mushroom slouch hat

Ear warmer headband


  1. CUTE ACCESSORIES! (Tiffany F.)

  2. Thanks Tiffany. I'm all about doing it myself to cut cost. And, if it all works out that is something to be proud of.